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2020 Anza-Borrego Classic Course Notes: 


This year, we are pleased to offer a six course Classic races officially sanctioned by the US Orienteering Federation as a competition of national caliber. 


Starts: All courses have a 2.5km walk to start. Follow the marked dirt road uphill from HQ. 

Please leave 30-45 minutes. If you miss your start, you will have to wait until all other competitors have started. 


Start Procedure: Call up will be 2 minutes before your official start time. The route from the start area to the start control will be marked.  


Maps: All courses are printed at 10,000:1 scale with 5 meter contour intervals. Loose control descriptions and bags will be available. 


Water: Water will be available on all courses except Yellow. Blue and Red will have three stops, Green will have 2, and Brown and Orange will each have one. 


Safety: The safety bearing for all courses is due West towards Hawk Canyon road. Advanced courses cross this road and navigate nearby for the last few controls, reversing this bearing. The time limit for all courses is three hours and everyone must be off the course by 2pm. Please check-in at the finish even if you don’t complete the course. 


Terrain: This year’s classic course explores some of the most interesting and challenging terrain in Anza-Borrego. These courses will challenge your navigation, route finding, and physical agility. We expect winning times for top competitors to be appropriate, but the difficulty of this terrain can impede slower competitors substantially, leading to very long competition times. Please plan accordingly. 


Map Quality: The map has not been updated in some time and erosion has evolved many of the steeper map features such that they may not precisely match the map. We have field-checked the key routes, but you may encounter features that appear crossable on the map, but not in reality (or vice-versa). 


Yellow Course: You must follow the short marked route from control 5 to 6. There is no water on the course, so please bring your own if desired. 




Mark Prior, Course Designer

Peter Graube, Course Vetter